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Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems(CMS) for building your sites.

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What is Drupal

Drupal is a free and open-source Content Management System(CMS) for organizing, updating, and publishing digital content. It is also a framework for building various types of websites. Drupal powers over a million websites globally. Among them are plenty of well-known multinational brands, governments, and universities, such as Tesla, the White House, and Harvard.

Drupal is extremely flexible and can be used to build virtually any kind of website. Drupal modules are for extending websites’ functionality. With over 15,000 free modules, you can easily turn your websites into any kind of platform, such as personal blogs, e-commerce sites, social networking, corporate websites, and video sharing.

Drupal is well-known for its security. It’s often used for websites with high volume traffic and very demanding security requirements, for example, whitehouse.gov. The Drupal community has a high code standard and practices a rigorous code review process. Meanwhile, there’s a security team within the community dedicated to discovering vulnerabilities, fixing them, and giving users suggestions. All these together make Drupal the most reliable and secure open-source CMS.

Drupal is also highly scalable. Drupal is good at supporting websites to grow rapidly and evolve quickly. Either for sites with high volumes of traffic, like the Grammy Awards, or for sites with a large number of content authoring users, Drupal can manage whatever is needed to handle.

Behind Drupal is an open and diverse community. It has more than 1,000,000 members speaking 181 languages from 228 countries. They are dedicated developers, designers, and coordinators. They build, use, teach Drupal, and more. All can guarantee Drupal has a promising future.

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    Drupal Features & Advantages

    High Performance

    Drupal has many out-of-the-box features, functionalities and configuration options to speed up your website. Its community has contributed many modules that make your website faster.

    SEO Friendly

    Drupal has a number of features, such as clean URLs and meta tags, that make it easy to achieve the highest ranking in the search engines and to implement SEO strategies.


    Not only can Drupal be installed in different languages, but it also supports more than one language on a single website. In short, it is multilingual.

    High Scalability

    High scalability is an essential feature of Drupal. It can smoothly scale out when encountering booming traffic.

    Flexibility & Customization

    Drupal is highly customizable in terms of functionalities, and appearances. There is no limit when you modify your websites’ design or extend your websites’ functionality.

    Open Source

    Drupal is free and open-source, distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is a project by the developers and for the developers.

    Free Themes & Modules

    The Drupal community has contributed thousands of themes and modules that can be used to create your unique digital presence. Moreover, all of them are FREE.

    Versatile Distributions

    A distribution is a customized Drupal core preinstalled with certain components to serve specific purposes. It will save you time when building up a fully functional website. Drupal has as many as 1278 distributions.

    Solid Security

    Drupal is well known for its high security, which is implemented by a series of built-in advanced security functionalities. A dedicated security team in the community set high-security benchmark and made Drupal arguably the safest CMS in this world.

    Easy Content Authoring

    Drupal editors are easy, powerful and intuitive, and similar to website builders. With the Drupal device-aware editor, you can compose and publish your website content in any place and on any device. The authoring experience on Drupal is amazing.

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Cheap Drupal hosting with high performance, strong security, and high flexibility.

What is Drupal?

What is Drupal?

Why Drupal

Why Drupal

A brief introduction of Drupal 8

A brief introduction of Drupal 8

Drupal 8 lessons

Drupal 8 lessons

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